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    Setting UP VPN on Tiger
    Hi guys,

    I recently got a new mac at home, i'm running tiger and really enjoying things, until now I'm finding I would like to share files with friends. After a little reading, it sounds like setting up a VPN is the way forward. I've tried looking on Apple's site for help but there doesn't appear to be anything, is it quite simple to configure? Can anyone shed some light on this VPN subject?


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    Maybe the first question I should be asking is can you actually create a VPN server/account on Tiger? I know it has built in tools for connecting to an existing VPN but what about creating a new one?

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    Sorry, maybe the second question should be, do you need to be running OSX server to create a VPN account, or can you do it from the standard OSX (tiger) software?

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    what made you come to the conclusion that a VPN is the best way to share files, if i might ask?

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    Don't know, we have one at work and I thought it would be a good solution, I like the thought of machines being on a virtual LAN! What else would you suggest?

    It also makes games that are only LAN, not internet active an option!

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    Does OS X's VPN client create a secure connection similar to Cisco's VPN Client?

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    Yes, need a server. Tiger or otherwise.

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