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    Screen Saver for Mac - Display photos
    I posted almost the same message a year ago with no replies so thought I'd try again since Lion didn't address any of these.

    Anyone know of a 3rd party Photo Screen Saver that will accomodate some or all of the requirements below (or at least #7)?
    1. Run on Snow Leopard (and Lion)
    2. Allow you to indicate which folders to include
    3. Include subfolders
    4. Allow you to specify the order that folders and subfolders are "traversed"
    5. Allow you to specify the order that pictures within folders and subfolders are displayed including: a) by creation date, b) by modification date, c) by file name, d) randomly
    5. Allow you to specify how long each picture is displayed
    6. Allow you to specify how to display each picture (cropped, full screen, pan and scan, etc.)
    7. ** MOST IMPORTANT ** Remember where it left off, so the next time the screen saver starts, it will start where it was the last time it ended (rather than starting over at the beginning again, which is what the screen saver included with the Mac does)
    8. Be able to cycle through at least 100,000 pictures
    9. Allow you to specify what file types to include (for both photos and movies)
    10. Allow you to specify whether sound should be on or off for movies.

    I'm amazed that the built in screen saver in Snow Leopard or Lion can't accomodate requirements #5 and #7 above, and have done many searches but so far haven't been able to find a 3rd party app that can either. Thanks.

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    It sounds like you need more of a slideshow program than a screen saver. Screen savers are pretty much a novelty relic of the past as modern LCD screens don't suffer from burn-in like CRTs did. Although there's still a few developers around, it's kind of a dying genre and I wouldn't expect to find one that fits your extremely specific needs without commissioning its development on your own.
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