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    How do I set my finder window to show the free hard drive space on the bottom right when I open it.

    I know I can click on my username, and it shows up on the bottom, but is there a way to see it without that extra click?

    I know it sounds nit picky, but I pay a huge premium to run osx, and I hold it to a much higher standard.

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    Finder Windows already show the free hard drive space in the center bottom of every window. Maybe I'm not understanding what YOU mean by "Finder Window."

    If what you're trying to say is that you want to know the free space even when NO Finder windows are open, I have two things to say:

    1. You can select "Show View Options" under the Finder's "View" menu command and check the "Show Item Info" box.

    2. If you need to check your free space that often, the real issue here is that you're running out of free space. Do some housecleaning or buy a bigger drive: OS X needs *lots* of free space/temp space to run efficiently.

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