Hi, folks,

Do you Lioners encrypt your TM backups on external drives? I did so recently, and when I plugged in my drive (640 total, 400 for TM, 240 for data) next time to make next backup, TM freezed on "Preparing backup..." and CPU usage by kernel_task went up to 100%, thus making system bogged down. There were no way to stop backup and unmount disk properly — when I tried to do so, system partly freezed, programs refused to start, restart failed and so on. Hard reset (holding Power button) helped; I then tried to erase my backup and re-make it, and the same thing happened again when I plugged in the drive second time.

I searched the web and found this discussion, and when I decided to made unencrypted backup, I encounter weird behavior of Disk Utility as well — it renamed partition from Time Machine to disk2s2 and failed to mount it or erase it; when I deleted both partitions and tried to make one of 640 Gb, it made 400 Gb named disk2s2 instead. Eventually, I won and made backup without encryption, which works fine.

Any ideas on what was that? I have the feeling that Lion doesn't work with encrypted drives properly.