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    Frozen Flame
    Virtual PC for Mac OSX Able to cope with MMORPG Games?
    Well, I own a PowerMac G4. Love macs, always have and always will. Only downside is so many things(at least I got my eye on) work on windows only. One of my most biggest irks is most MMORPGs being for Windows only.

    I thought, maybe I could try getting Virtual PC(The Windows Emulator for mac), and I could run an MMORPG Game on my mac. But I have some doubts. I'm not sure if Virtual PC can support a big system like an Online Game, I know it can support windows files/applications, but will it work for games also? Anyone have any experience or info on Windows Emulators for Mac that can support Big Online Games?

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    Better off with a Gaming machine for that. Too bad that is only Winblows. Maybe Intel will make this better in the future.

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    Frozen Flame
    I would get a gaming machine, but next year I'll be getting a car so I don't have the spare cash to get something like an Alienware :0

    Too bad, that MMORPG looked worthwhile too. Guess I gotta stick to FFXI PS2 or Warcraft 3 heh. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frozen Flame
    One of my most biggest irks is most MMORPGs being for Windows only.
    Good news for you: The best MMORPG in my opinion, World of Warcraft, works with Macs right out of the box.

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    wow is really rad, makes many good mac games(formerly only for pc now rewritten to run on the mac)
    Mac OSX is the bomb :bomb:
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