I'm a total newb at this kind of stuff, but am encountering several surprises with a Netgear ReadyNAS NV+that I've added to my system. First off, the NAS is connected to my Airport extreme and is shared with both a Win7 PC and my Lion-equipped MacBook Pro.

First, the PC has no issues accessing the NAS, but some of the software issues I'm having with my Mac cannot be tested because I don't have the same software loaded on my PC.

To date my problems are rooted in Photoshop Lightroom, a program I use to edit and catalog all my pictures, but LR experts claim that it's not a LR issue so...

1) In Lightroom I can choose to edit a photo in Photoshop. This typically creates a temp file in the folder where the original file is located. After editing the temp file in PS, I select save and the temp file is updated and imported into the Lightroom catalog. However, if I select a file that is on my NAS and not the MBP hard drive (where it works fine), the temp file is not created. This messes up everything downstream from that act. To date no one on the LR side has a clue what is causing this except to say it must be the NAS/MBP interface that is broken.

2) Next, Lightroom shows all drives that have cataloged pictures on them. In my case I have two..."Macintosh HD" and "Photos" (the name of the share on my NAS that I intended to archive all photos after editing".

2a) The "Photos" drive will always initially show as a bunch of ??? meaning that it can't locate the photos. To fix this I have to go to finder, "connect to server", connect to the IP address of the NAS, and select the share. Then Lightroom "wakes up". Have to do this every time.

2b) Today I tried to import pictures from the NAS into my catalog so I could reedit a favorite picture. It read the folder in as though it were on a separate drive from all the others, i.e. LR now showed a third drive called "Photos-1". It's possible I caused this by deleting the AFS protocol from the NAS (which never seemed to add any value) but I now have no clue what to do.

3) The bar on the left side of the Finder window (no idea what it's called) has a section called SHARED. Under that is ReadyNAS (CIFS) which now always shows "Connection failed" when I select it (under Snow Leopard it worked fine). Why? FYI...It also shows (the IP address I go to when "connecting to server").

This is causing me way too much work, and I haven't the budget to just go buy something else. Really looking for an expert with LIon and a ReadyNAS product who can help me here.