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Thread: Jar files/Java problem?

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    Jar files/Java problem?
    Apologies if this is the wrong section. Feel free to move if this is more appropriate somewhere else.

    Anyway, i own a macbook with two separate users, the main (default) one for work and my second for anything else. On my main account any java/.jar applications can be run perfectly fine, however if i try to run any on the secondary account i receive a simple error telling me to check the console log. The console log prints a bunch of unfound class errors (depending on the program i'm trying to run). I can run the same exact programs/launchers on the default user account without any problems.

    I'm no mac (or java for that matter) expert, so i'm kind of confused as to why this happens. I've re-installed & updated java multiple times. I've searched but couldn't find any answers.

    Hopefully this made sense?


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    Does the second account happen to be a standard account? Is it possible for you to paste the error?
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    Secondary account has full administrator permissions.

    As for the error, it is simply a bunch of NoClassDefFoundError errors, all pointing to standard java classes (java.lang, java.util), which just seems vague and leaves me with no real idea of what's wrong.

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