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    Problem with PPPOE configuration
    I've just bought a Macbook Pro and i'm trying to connect it to the internet.

    I have to connect the computer to the modem and then the modem needs my autorization to connect to the internet.

    I tried to configure the macbook going to "System preferences", "Network", and to create a new PPPoe connection but the system goes in pause!

    I will explain what i exactly did:

    I pressed "Ethernet", "Configure:" , "Create PPPoE service".

    Then I inserted all the informations and i pressed on "Apply", but when i press on "Connect" it say "Disconnect ....." and the button can't be pressed again!

    I waited for a lot of minutes but the system doesn't connect absolutely and the message doesn't disappear!

    What can i do? I tried to restart the machine in safe mode, but the situation doesn't resolve

    The computer is a MacBook Pro with Intel Core i5 and Mac Os X Lion!

    Thank you very much for all

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    Is that a particularly old modem? Most modern DSL modems that use PPPoE handle the authentication within the modem itself. In fact, I haven't seen the need for PPPoE authentication on the client in 10 years or more.

    Typically this is done by signing into your modem's configuration web page. Typically you'll connect via Ethernet to the modem, then find your default gateway (often or and type that into the browser address bar. This process should be detailed by your ISP in their setup instructions, or by calling their help desk. Chances are the client software is failing because it's conflicting with the modem's own PPPoE authentication mechanism.
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