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    Help, I can't expand my operating partition on the hard drive.
    When I installed Lion from Snow Leopard yesterday I had to make a partition for it. Now I am running Lion and I cant expand my useable hard drive space. As you can see from my screenshot below all the options that usually lead to expanding or deleting are 'grayed out' and unusable. Perhaps it is in the wrong format? I can change that at least. Also I cannot click and drag the top partition to make it smaller. I can edit my operating partition Macintosh HD 2, but only to make it smaller...not helpful.

    I need my whole hard drive!

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    Why did you have to make a partition for Lion? The upgrade should have installed itself over Snow Leopard and also created a recovery partition. What you have now is unallocated space.

    You're going to have to erase the drive and install Lion clean. Hopefully you backed up all your data before installing Lion.

    There are many guides on the net which show how to install Lion clean. Here's a simple one that's easy to follow: LINK

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    Phew! I got it.
    Ok none of that worked for me for some reason. What I did do however was use disk utility to unmount Macintosh HD 2 and then format it to something it else. Then I could erase the partition and expand my operating one to my full and (now) free hard drive.

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