Hi fellas,

So I've bought this Airport Express Base Station, excited albeit, it has been acting very strangely and has evolved to a continuing struggle. Anyways, I'm currently residing inside dorm rooms, though our ISP does allow for routers to be connected to the network. Now, I've configured the Base Station to share one single IP (DHCP), and at first, it all seemed to work pretty fine. However, the internet speeds I'm getting, are extremely slow. Same goes as on my iPhone, it takes ages to load even a small website.

I've tried everything within my grasp of knowledge, I even had a tech guy over, yet he was clueless. Anyway, so I noticed one day that I was indeed able to get proper internet via using OpenDNS (as well as on my iPhone), moreover I had indeed configured the Base Station ALL THE WHILE these DNS settings were enabled. So I tried doing a hard reset on the Base without the DNS-settings, and yet, it still seemed to have the same problems.

So in order to fix this problem, do I HAVE to use the current DNS-settings, or am I missing something here? Also, it's pretty annoying changing the settings on and off, because I can't connect via OpenDNS at campus network.

Anyway, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

OpenDNS settings

Airport Express Base Station
v. 7.4.2

Macbook Pro
OS X Lion 10.7.1