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    okay so i have some questions before i choose to buy lion..

    What changes do you feel after upgrading (from leopard to lion)..

    What are the know bugs there can appear at the moment..

    If i choose to reset my mac with the cd's that i got with the mac when i purchased it, is it then still possible to upgrade to lion again without paying for it again..

    Is it worth buying and why (don't just write **** yea its worth buying) give a reason (your own opinion)..

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    I'm confident that all of your questions have been addressed in other threads in this forum. Have you tried searching?

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    1. You need to be upgraded to Snow Leopard to upgrade to Lion. If you are running Leopard, you'll have to get Lion on the USB flash drive (at $69, as opposed to $29 from MAS) and do a clean install of it.

    2. None for me.

    3. If you go the USB flash drive route as I mentioned in #1, then yes..

    4. Heck yeah!

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    The 1,2,3 questions have been answered.

    4. it is the best of the best. you are buying the most advanced system in the entire universe, it is worth every penny. You will not regret changing to lion.

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