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    Question Fullscreen problem with HDMI out:
    Hi everyone!!!
    I have a 2010 Mac Book, and i recently purchase a mini display port to HDMI, and connected my mac to my HDTV, every thing works fine, i had some sound difficulties but i fixed that, however I have one problem that can not fix. Problem is that when i connect my Mac to my TV, the picture looks Zoomed in. In other word, the edges of the screen is missing and it's very annoying.
    I thought there is a problem with Mac OSX, so i have windows on my Mac and tried it again and same thing happened. I played around with the screen resolutions, and tried all available options and fail to fix this problem. I even try the screen mirroring and the edges of the screen are still missing.The TV is fine, connected it to my sony vaio laptop and works just fine.

    Any suggestion? Am i doing something wrong?

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    Open System Preferences - Displays - I forget exactly which tab it's on - but you want to turn overscan off.
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    Overscan is Off. It was never on.

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