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    remote access: from windows to mac?
    hello i have mac os x 10.7 in my office and windows 7 in my home i want to connect these two so that i can do remote assistance from home. i am looking for way so that i can take over the mac machine from windows 7 machine for example vnc or team viewer.


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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    VNC will work quite well, as long as you turn on Screen Sharing in the Sharing System Preference Pane.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dysfunction View Post
    VNC will work quite well, as long as you turn on Screen Sharing in the Sharing System Preference Pane.
    Thanks alot for replying but can you please please be more specific how seting-up procedure becoz its kinda test for me in my job. As i said my one PC in a location A and on location B i have mac server.i have been reading many things about vnc, real vnc, ultra vnc, chicken vnc but i dont understand a thing. please can you give me link or some idea about where i can read or watch about setup-up from scratch.
    As my manager wants to control over mac server of someother company that he is being giving remote assistance from his windows 7 PC.

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    The info you've given us isn't all we need.
    Is the server/target Mac directly connected to the internet (have its own internet IP), or is it connected to a router, so it has a local IP address?
    Local IP addresses start with 192.168, or 10.0 or 172.

    If the Mac is connected through a router to a local IP address, you will need to open the port number for VNC - usually 5900 - on the router.
    In router manuals this is usually called Port Forwarding. You set this up in the router web admin pages - any requests to port 5900 will be sent to the local IP address that is set to receive them.
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