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    What the...?
    I just got a 2 year old MacBook Pro last week and tonight I was trying to add some album artwork to iTunes and something really, really, weird happened.

    For some reason, when I was just dragging and dropping jpgs into iTunes, it was recognizing them as podcast files and not jpgs. It wouldn't add them to the album, it was adding it as a web page in the podcast library. Then, as I was browsing in Safari, this random opera music started playing through the speakers and I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. It wasn't coming from iTunes and I didn't have any weird web pages or ads popping up on Safari. Finally, I just quit Safari and it stopped. What in the world just happened? Does anybody know anything about this??

    As far as I can tell, everything else is running smoothly but it still won't accept jpgs. Help would really be appreciated! Honestly, it kind of freaked me out!

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    Can't help with the phantom opera music but I might be able to help with iTunes. Instead of dragging and dropping try the following:

    1. Find the artwork you want and copy it (Right click and choose copy image).

    2. Switch to iTunes and select one or more items to add the graphic to.

    3. Choose Command I to bring up the multi-item editor. Choose yes/Ok when asked if you want to edit multiple items. You can paste the graphic in place when the multi-item window appears.
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