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    Lion's missing scrollbars
    I'm on a MacBook Pro that's just been upgraded to Lion. I'm also visually impaired, and was quite surprised to find that my scrollbars have up and abandoned me, as they're a big part of how I'm able to get around my Mac. Is there any way to turn the old scrollbars back on, or some patch I can install? I'm willing to try just about anything - this is quite a setback for me, and between this and how the built-in magnifier doesn't work with Launch Pad (among other things), I'm yearning to go back to Snow Leopard.

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    System Preferences, General. Under the statement "Show Scroll Bars" select "Always". The scroll bars in Lion are rather dull. You may have to boost the contrast up somewhat to see them clearly. You can do that from the "Universal Access" category in System Preferences.

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    Thank you so much!

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