So, I have two macs.

Mac A have a small SSD and a big HDD. My Application, Library and System folders are on the SSD, while my User folder is on the HDD.
Mac B have only a small HDD.

I installed Lion on Mac A, installed every other program and all. Then I backed it up with Time Machine.
Then, formatted Mac B, installed Lion and used Migration Assistant to import everything from my Time Machine backup.

The problem is, after installing Lion on Mac B, everything was ok. But after migrating everything from Time Machine, the user screen load, I input my password but an error occurs and I cannot access it.
Migration Assistant only gives me the option to import data from the SSD, which I suspect is the cause for all this trouble, since my User folder is only on the HDD.

I tried to update my time machine folder, the backups.backupdb - no chance, I cannot edit it.
I tried to manually copying my back up files to my Mac B - but I cannot modify Library and System folders - not a chance to do it even on disk utility in Mac A booting from an external HD, since I cannot manage folders as finder is not available in it.
I cannot copy my User file from Mac A to my SSD since the SSD is too small, and then make a Time Machine from it.
I thought of copying everything from my Mac A SSD to it's HDD, making a time machine backup and then migrating, but I would have to delete several files so it would fit on Mac B HDD - it seems risky and sloooow…

Well, it took me weeks to set my Mac A properly, and I would not want to do it with Mac B AGAIN…

...Any idea?

Many Thanks!