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    Sep 04, 2011
    System Clock set to customized calendar (Mayan Calendar)
    I really enjoy the idea of the Mayan Calendar and wondered if there is a way to customize or import a calendar into the operating system. I know it's highly unlikely but if it worked I'd have a little jolt of happiness every time I checked the date.



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    There are ways to do this, although not with the system clock, but frankly the biggest problem is that there is no real agreement on the exact correlation of dates in the Mayan calendar to the calendar we use now. Apps like this I think are your best bet:
    Download Chac for Mac - Mayan calendar.

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    Sep 04, 2011
    Thank you!!!

    I'm not a huge fan of the dashboard since it feels like a forgetful back-burner application screen but these will definitely do until the system os opens up more. :-)

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