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Thread: Shared Drive and slow shutdown

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    Sep 04, 2011
    Shared Drive and slow shutdown
    I have a macbook pro running Lion(with latest update)
    When I have a shared network drive mounted. it takes a really long time to shutdown.

    If I eject the shared drive before shutdwon, then it shuts down really fast.
    This is a pain to have to remember to eject the shared drive each time.
    Is there a solution to this issue?

    Not sure if this info helps:
    I mount the shared drive like this: FINDER -> CONNECT TO SERVER
    the server address is cifs://

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    Aug 23, 2011
    Does the shared drive go to sleep when not used? I have three external drives that each go to sleep after a period of no use. When they're sleeping, starting applications or shutting down my MacBook Pro can take a long time. I'm still looking for a solution to get Lion to stop requiring the drives to spin up every time I do something. Anyway, it's something you might check.

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