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    "Burn disc" in Finder does not go away -Help Needed.
    I need some help.

    A few days ago I tried to burn a disc. That failed. However I keep in the finder a "untitled" with the icon appearing. I can not delete it When I click on it noting happens. When I restart/reboot the computer it comes back.

    Now I can not burn a new disc, and any other software disc *.dmg is refused to load and is being spit out again. I can not use the drive. It will play a DVD movie but no data disc empty or full is being recognized.

    Does anyone know a script or trick to make the computer realize that there is no "burn" request and that this disc icon has to disappear from the finder window.
    See attached a picture of the finder window
    I am on a Macbook Pro 15 inch 2.4 Intel Core 2 Duo with the standard Superdrive.
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    Alu 15 inch

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    Drag it from the Finder to the desktop while holding down your "Command" key and let it go. It will be removed.

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    Worked !

    Tx !!!
    Alu 15 inch

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