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Thread: Lion and WiFi

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    Lion and WiFi
    I had heard that the recent update to Lion was partly to fix problems with WiFi. Looks like I am still having the problem intermittently. When I open my MacBook Pro sometimes my home WiFi starts right up, other times I have to search and launch it from my status on the menu bar.

    Anyone else having similar problems? Any known fixes?

    I havent' called Apple just yet as it is not a big problem, just annoying.


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    Actually for myself just the opposite has happened since I upgraded to lion. Sorry I can't give any advice.
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    Since upgrading to Lion I have noticed 2 things in relation to wifi. It will pick up either of my home networks, I don't have to decide which. I have a hotspot in the house and one in my summerhouse. Whichever i am closest to, it selects automatically, a neat trick and better than SL. However, recently my main hubs internet connection failed, but the hub was working. As a result my Macbook simply ignored this hub and dumped the connection settings totally. I had to manually reconnect. I've never had this before. Clearly something "clever" is going on. In your case to the detriment of the connection.

    Hope you get it sorted. No doubt thre's some way to go with Lion until it roars properly.
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