Hi All,

I`m trying to configure my Samsung Wave 533 as a modem for my Macbook Pro. In Windows it worked like a charm, I just conected the usb cable, clicked a few nexts and I was done. But if I try to do that in Mac, I receive an error message saying that this disc cannot be read by this computer.

So now I'm trying to do this manually by bluetooth. I opened System Preferences -> Network and I'm trying to set up a "Bluetooth DUN" network. Then it asks me a phone number, user and pass... all's ok, but it doesn`t work.

Then I noticed Internet Sharing was not active. I'd activate it but the Bluetooth DUN simply don't show up, I can't select it. Here's a print.

And here's what I'm trying to do.

Am I doing something wrong, does anyone have any suggestion?