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    external hd and time machine
    i recently bought a 2 tb external. im wondering if its possible to use this both as a time machine eternal and also have it in a format my ps3 (and pc) will recognise? at the mo it works fine for time machine but isnt showing up on the other hardware. can you multi partition in different formats or anything like that? bit of a novice so sorry if im sounding stoopid !?


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    Sure. Just use Disk Utility to partition the drive. The partition that you wish to use for the PS3 and a PC should be formatted with a file system that they both recognize. Probably FAT-32. Just keep in mind that FAT-32 has a limit on file size of ~4 GB. So if you're planning on placing large video files on the drive it won't accept them.

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    thanks dude. gonna save me a lot of hassle

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