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    Problem Using NTFS Mounter
    Hello ppl,

    I just bought a MacBook Pro with Snow Leopard OS.
    I have got an external Seagate 500GB harddrive, NTFS of course, which forced me to download ntfs Mounter and install it.
    However, after I mount the drive using ntfs mounter, I can neither find the hard drives icon on the desktop or using the finder.
    I also tried a find . -name "<some hard-drive content> command on the terminal and the result was negative.
    Can someone help me?

    NB: I am a very new MAC user

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    Note: One thread per topic is adequate. Thanks.

    Open Finder - head for Preferences - General tab for the Desktop - Sidebar tab for the Sidebar - check off the appropriate boxes for the drive to appear in those locations.

    Don't need ntfs mounter for reading and copying from your external drive. If you want to be able to write to the drive, I'd strongly encourage you to spend the $20 for Paragon's NTFS for Mac for that purpose.

    You can also open Disk Utility to verify the drive is in fact being mounted.
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    Thanks bobtomay, just like I am new to this forum too. Dint know a thread existed already. Thanks a lot.

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