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Thread: Cant login to my macbook pro

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    Cant login to my macbook pro
    Hey guys hi! i have this issue
    I just openend de box of my macboook pro today, and was doing all the first steps, setting up name, language and that stuff for some reason I was distracted for a conversation, and I remeber that i was on the mac ID I think i wasnt created becasue I havent recive a email and wasnt conected to internet
    and I close the pc.
    so I turned on again ad it ask for password I use a neverforgetable password for this computer acces and cant let me log in, I have researched on web how to restore pasword and havent work. Im runing lion.
    get trhou comand line either with comand s but I dont know is the comend lines where good writed.

    please help me out nedd to get it on work, and cant wait 5 hours until a retore dowbnload, tiome machien dont find a backed up point since havent started yet, I was loged on teh computer I ran the garage band aplication. just to ckeck itr was workin but then im stuck here. please let me know. my skype is luischahin

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    At this point you have no other choice but to be patient until the download completes and Lion reinstalls. Since you don't have a Lion disk that's the only way. After Lion reinstalls, see the instructions on how to make a backup using Time Machine. You might also want to make a bootable Lion disk or flash drive. See these instructions.

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