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    Exclamation My dock is on vacation
    I'm running Tiger on a Mac Mini. I booted it up a few days ago to find that I didn't have a dock. I thought that it may just be hidden but when I checked the process list, the dock program wasn't running at all.

    Someone suggested that I boot into safe mode so I did. My dock was back so I figgured that the problem had been fixed. I restarted doing a normal boot and the dock was there once again. Everything was great, everybody was happy untill, a few boots later, my dock was gone again, once again not on the process list. I safe booted and got my dock back. It decided to stick around for a few more boots untill it left again. A safe boot always brings it back for a little while but I need to find out why I lose it in the first place.

    I do nothing out of the ordinary with my comp, I surf the web, IM people, and play a few games, but that's it... The computer is about 4 days old, and i'm new to the whole mac way of life so please don't get to complicated on me.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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