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Thread: User accounts -(new to imac)

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    User accounts -(new to imac)
    Hello I am new to apple, and have just bought an imac. I am setting it up for me and my family and I have set up user accounts with me as the administrator and the others as standard users. I noted at the time I could change options for them to be able to do, but didnt do anything about it. I now want to edit what the other users (My family) can do when they log in but can;t find the limitations menu etc in user accounts or how to get to it. Is there a way of editing this once users are already set up?

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    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    If you go into System Preference by clicking the  logo in top left. Then when open you should see the "Allow user to Administer this computer" and you just need to click on that.
    I am presuming you are using 10.7 Lion if you just bought the iMac.

    HTH and if not post back and we will see what we can do for you

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    Thanks for that, but I dont want them to administer the computer. I want to limit what they can do with their standard user access. i.e not delete apps etc. But when I created the user I had the option to limit the things they could do as a standard user but when I look in user account etc in system preferences it doesnt now give me those options?

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    1. Open System Preferences->Users & Groups (in Lion) or Accounts (in Snow Leopard).
    2. Click the padlock at the bottom left of the window and enter your admin password.
    3. Select the account you want to change.
    4. You should see two checkboxes near the bottom of the window - "Allow user to administer this computer" and "Enable Parental Controls."

    A user can have one of three roles, Admin, user or restricted user. If the "Administer" box is checked, a user can install and delete software. If neither box is checked, the account is for a regular user, and can typically not run installers or delete files from protected folders. If "parental controls" is selected, users are only able to use applications and features you enable. You should not have both Administer and Parental Controls checked, as they are mutually exclusive of one another.

    Hope this helps!

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