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    Error -36 when copying from DVD to HD (bis)
    I recently posted this:

    I think I just read every googlefinding about this problem. Lots of people got the error, but none of them have a solution.

    Problem exactly:
    I insert the disc (Bioshock 1), open it and copy the app folder to the app folder on my HD. It seems to go rather slow. After about 3 Gb of the 7 Gb on the disc i get the error. Same happen when copying to other locations on the disc.

    I can launch the game from the disc itself though...

    anyone 's got ideas?

    but the thread got closed, because the disk is copy-protected.

    That is untrue. When I insert the disk, i get a prompt window. (like here [CLICK]) In that window I am asked to drag the game file into the application folder. If that doesn't work, it hasn't got anything to do with copyprotection if you ask me...

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    I told you once that Bioshock is copy protected. Why do you insist on posting again?

    Read this from Wikipedia: LINK Scroll on down the page until you reach the technical information. A form of copy protection and DRM is used which is called "SecuROM" and requires internet activation of the game. Read the complete article. The Mac version likewise uses the same protection methods.

    If you're having difficulties installing the game contact the publisher. In any event, you can not make a copy of the disk.

    This thread will be closed again with a warning issued.

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