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    launching UNIX apps from MAC via SSH

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    Aug 30, 2011
    launching UNIX apps from MAC via SSH
    I am new to OS X (coming from Windows, and NOT regretting at all) and began to play around with Terminal and SSH potentials, I got at this point where I need to make a question like this:
    at home I have an iMac powered wity Lion OS and a PC that has been converted to Linux OS (Ubuntu distro 11.04).
    I discovered the potential of SSH tunneling and X forwarding, and succeeded to run X applications resident on my Linux PC on the screen of the iMac (i.e. Gimp, xcalc, xeyes etc.). Pretty nice.
    I also succeeded to access my remote filesystem in both directions (i.e. accessing Linux filesystem from Mac Terminal via ssh and accessing Mac files via Linux ssh session).
    I could even launch Mac apps from Linux via ssh (i.e. from Linux terminal connected to my iMac, launching the 'open *.app' command), with those apps showing on my iMac screen (my Linux being a sort of 'remote controller' of my Mac).
    One thing I didn't succeed was the opposite from the last point: I cannot launch Linux applications ON Linux screen FROM my iMac via ssh.

    Both my systems are configured in order to allow X11Forwarding (I edited the sshd_config on the two machines removing the #sign and writing 'X11Forwarding yes'). I've been reading around but couldn't find a solution to my problem.
    Does anyone know what I am missing here in order to proceed with this last bullet? Everything else is working fine.
    Thanks for your precious help

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    launching UNIX apps from MAC via SSH
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    Don't use X11Forwarding. If you forward X, the apps will open on your Mac - that's what X forwarding is for. Disable X11Forwarding and try again.
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    launching UNIX apps from MAC via SSH

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    Aug 30, 2011
    thanks vansmith.
    I also tried by simple typing of 'ssh user@address' (without the -X option) on my iMac and then launching commands such as 'gimp', but on the Linux screen I won't see anything, and on my Mac Terminal connected to Linux I get 'can't open display' sort of messages...
    any clue of what I'm still missing?

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