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    Data retrieval osx 10.6
    Hi my MacBook air would not boot up and the repair shop told me that it was a faulty HD.

    I didn't get the machine repaired as I could not afford to so I though i'd try and re-installed the OS. I did and ran disk utility, the HD status said it was verified.

    The machine worked fine for a couple of months and I backed it up everytime I used it apart from the last time. It now will not boot up, just gets to the tray screen and stops. I will boot up from the original disk and I've ran disk utility and can see files on the machine. The status still says verified on the HD.

    Is there any way of getting the files off the machine and is the HD faulty in anyone's opinion if it's status is verified?


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    Verify only verifies the file and folder system of the hard drive and alerts you to any errors. It can not diagnose mechanical or electronic problems that the drive may be having. The longer you put off swapping out that hard drive, the more you put your data at risk. At least you did make some backups.

    In order to try to get what data you can off the drive, you'll have to remove the drive, place it in a USB SATA carrier, and use data recovery software to see if it can find and remove the data for you. Of course this means you need a new hard drive first and reinstall OS X.

    The MBA does not have a firewire port otherwise you could use Target Disk Mode and boot it from another Mac. Your recovery options are limited with a MBA.

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