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Thread: Version code names?

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    Version code names?
    As someone with minimal experience of the Mac O/S, please can someone give me a quick rundown of the various code names and their meaning - such as panther and tiger.

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    10.0 - Cheetah
    10.1 - Puma
    10.2 - Jaguar
    10.3 - Panther
    10.4 - Tiger
    10.5 - Leapord

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benjamindaines
    10.5 - Leapord

    10.5 - Leopard :cool:

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    Is this a new concept for OS X? Did OS 9 have similar names?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EchoBeach
    Is this a new concept for OS X? Did OS 9 have similar names?
    Actually, for 10.0 and 10.1 it had only been an Apple-internal codename, they weren't advertised as 10.0 Cheetah or 10.1 Puma. Only since 10.2 they use it also for advertising, and since then it has become part of the official name.

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    The later versions of the Classic Mac OS had musical names

    Mac OS 9 - Sonata
    Mac OS 8.5 - Allegro
    Mac OS 8 - Tempo (actual release)
    Copland - cancelled; would have been Mac OS 8
    Gershwin - never developed; was cancelled along with Copland
    Rhapsody - never released; project eventually became Mac OS X.

    A few versions had names based on the color of the index cards used in planning the feature sets - Red, Pink, and Blue. Only Mac System 7.0 (Blue, also called Big Bang) actually made it to market. I think Red became Copland.

    All of these were true code names; as Avalon said, they were internal names used by the developers until Jaguar made them public.

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    I was under the impression Copland was the 'pink' project.

    At least the Mac OS 8.0 (7.7 ;-) ) we ended up with looked like Copland would have done. and OS 9.0 was nearly just 8.7.

    Wikipedia probably has something on this, it has everything!

    Vicky :flower:

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    From Apple Museum

    System 6
    MultiFinder: Juggler, Oggler, Twitcher
    System 6.04: Antares
    System 6.05: Big Deal
    System 6.06: SixPack
    System 6.08: Terminator (it terminated the System 6 era)

    System 7
    Finder 7.0: Furnishings 2000 (a defunct San Francisco Bay Area furniture store)
    System 7: Blue (System 7 programmers were called "blue meanies"), Big Bang, M80 (a powerful firecracker), Pleiades
    System 7 Tune-Up: 7-Up
    System 7.01: Road Warrior (used in first PowerBooks), Beta Cheese
    System 7.1: Cube-E, I Tripoli (both because the project was to conform to IEEE standards)
    System 7.1 Pro: Jirocho
    System 7.5: Mozart, Capone (Apple hoped that like the gangster, "Capone" would rule over "Chicago", the code name for Windows 95)
    System 7.5 Update 1.0: Danook (from Gary Larson's Far Side cartoon)
    System 7.5 Update 2.0: Thag (also from Gary Larson's Far Side cartoon)
    System 7.52: Marconi (named after Guglielmo Marconi, 19th century Italian engineer)
    System 7.53: Unity (it united all the patches and special software of all models into one update)
    System 7.53 Revision 1: Buster (CEO Gil Amelio's high school nickname, used often in later Mac OS versions)
    System 7.53 Revision 2: Son of Buster
    Mac OS 7.6: Harmony
    Mac OS 7.61: Ides of Buster

    Mac OS 8
    Mac OS 8: Tempo
    Mac OS 8.1: Bride of Buster
    Mac OS 8.5: Allegro, Scimitar (beta version)
    Mac OS 8.6: Veronica
    Mac OS in '99: Sonata

    Mac OS X
    Mac OS X Server: Rhapsody
    Mac OS X Server DR2: Titan
    Mac OS X Server CR1: Mac OS Enterprise ("Enterprise" is also the name of Apple's NeXT division)
    Mac OS X: Cyan (a different "shade" of the Blue Box), Siam (like Siamese twins, Mac OS and Rhapsody will be joined)
    Mac OS X API's: Carbon (all Mac life will be based on it)

    Other OS Projects
    Mac OS for Intel: Star Trek (probably because the Mac OS is boldly going where it has never gone before)
    defunct Apple/IBM object-oriented OS: Defiant, Pink
    defunct System 8: Copland (named after Aaron Copland, musician), Maxwell (internal code name)
    defunct System 9: Gershwin (named after George Gershwin, musician)
    Copland Interface Project: MUSE (for Maxwell USer Experience)
    CHRP compliant Mac OS 8: Orient Express

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    Information duly filed
    Thanks for all that.

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