Dear All,

I have searched for this and no one had my particular case. Therefore, I am posting a new thread.

I have a Macbook with Leopard (10.5.8). I have a NAS (Maxtor central axis 1TB) set up as my time machine and it worked nicely.

Yesterday, I messed up somehow and formatted my hard drive. I was not worried as I have my backups in the NAS. So I installed Leopard from disk again and connected the NAS. Set up the partition as time machine and got it working. However, instead of recognizing the old ones it started backing up from today's date. When I enter the time machine it shows the backup from today's date.

When I open my backup partition on NAS it has a large (136GB) sparsebundle but when I mount it it mounts a drive that is empty. This empty drive initially had backupdb folders but they only had backups from today only so I deleted those backups.

Please let me know if you are aware of any way through which I can use that backup to reload my machine to get back all my settings and apps? Migration assistant does not see it as a time machine even if I set it as a time machine.

Thanks in advance.