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    Restoring backup from Tiger to Snow Leopard (CCC)
    Hello everyone,

    After having searched through some of the results, I did not seem to find a similar thread- please apologize if overseen. Here is the issue:

    -I just upgraded from my old Tiger to Snow Leopard (DVD drive was broken so there were minor hassles in between) on my Core Duo MBP.

    -Previously I had done a backup of my entire system with Carbon Copy to an external USB hard-drive.

    -With the Snow Leopard freshly installed on a clean swept system, I decided to use Migration Assistant to restore but- I read this is a common thing- the MA came to a halt when "Searching Disks". No problem, I am trying to restore the backup with Carbon Copy Clone when it struck me that it might be a dangerous affair to move a Tiger based system into an already existing Snow Leopard system, what with all the system files that might have changed. CCC applies a system file filter when migrating the data but I am still careful not to blow it, therefore my question is , how safe is it to perform a migration from a Tiger Backup into Snow Leopard, and if safe, is CCC restore the better option? If much is at stake,then Id prefer to manually move my most cherished data and those applications that make sense to move without personal settings.

    thanks in advance,


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    I perform migrations with the Migration Assistant daily and have done well over a 100 from Tiger to Snow Leopard. Having a CCC backup onto an external is always a very good idea just incase the worst does happen. If you did a clean install onto your MacBook Pro and then have the Migration Assistant pull data from your CCC you should be all set.
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    I either might have had a false belief on this migration subject or I did not do it properly: The aim of a migration should be to restore the system as it was before upgrading it. By migrating with CCC I copied the backup that I had created called "Backup Tiger" (target file in the external backup hardrive) to "MyMac" (internal harddrive destination) but it barely copy/pasted the "Backup Tiger" folder as a subfolder within "MyMac". All the applications that I migrated are there but they are not associated anymore with the personal settings that I had. Should I define a root file as a destination folder or is it simply not possible to achieve what I was aiming at with the CCC migration option? I was expecting something similar as the Time Machine function



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    I am confused on what you did. Here is what it sounds like you did to me:

    You used CCC to make a full backup of hard hard drive that was running 10.4
    you reformatted your hard drive and installed a clean 10.6 OS
    when the install finished on the screen that asked if you wanted to migrate your information you selected from another disk but it wouldn't find your 10.4 backup

    If that is the case here are some questions and clarifications:

    a migration will move your user information from one computer to another (has to be older OS to newer OS and there has to be an OS in place already)
    a restore will replace all files on the computer from the source to the destination
    when you made your 10.4 backup did you tell it to backup to a disk image?
    when you made your 10.4 backup did you tell it to exclude anything?
    when you look at your 10.4 backup at the root level of the drive do you see your Applications folder and User folder?
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    Aug 27, 2011
    first of all,thanks for your reply. I did express myself in a general manner.

    As to what I did:

    YES I created a full backup of my harddrive on 10.4.(Source location: My former HardDrive root (eg. "MyDrive")- destination location:The root directory of the External HD )
    YES Reformatted HD and clean installed 10.6 on my MBP
    NO after the install finished Leopard did prompt me for migration with the migration assistant but the Migration Assistant got stuck at "Scanning for Disks" (a problem experienced by many users)

    about the questions

    NO, I did not tell to backup an image and I believe this is the reason why the migration as I expected it failed?
    YES, it should exclude system files when migrating
    YES, the Applications and User folders are right at root level (along with System and Library)

    so if I narrow it down, i should have created an image in order to have the system properly restored instead of just "copy/pasting" nothing more than raw DATA?



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