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Thread: Clear up space?

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    Clear up space?
    Hey all,

    Sorry for bombarding you with threads lately, but I have a lot of questions.

    Ok, my main Mac is an iMac, with 250 Ggs of harddrive space. I went to about this mac, more info, and then I saw that: (Photo below). I cleaned out all my extra photos, documents, applications, and everything else, but I still have 62 gigs of other. Any way I can clear this out some?
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    Hard for anyone to say. We don't know what is in "other". But, don't delete anything if you don't know what it is and what it will do (if anything) to your System.

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    Download and run Grand Perspective. It will show where all your HDD space is. The bigger the square, the bigger the file.

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