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    Can't restart from install disc
    I ran disk utility on my new mbp out of curiosity, and after trying to verify the disk I get the message " The volume Macintosh HD was found corrupt and needs to be repaired." When I try restarting with the install disc, I can't get past the apple logo and the computer continuously makes 3 loud beeping noises. Read that it might have something to do with the RAM. Still under warranty, just wanted to know if this is something I could fix myself

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmmwwwww View Post
    Still under warranty, just wanted to know if this is something I could fix myself
    3 beeps usually means something is wrong with the ram. Pull all of the ram sticks...and then reinstall them. If this doesn't fix things...then you may have a ram issue. If it's still under warranty...let Apple figure it out & fix it.

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