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    Unhappy stucked between lion & snow leopard
    i'm new to the mac world. purchased a mac book pro in july 2011. upgraded to lion. had many problems. i went to mac os x utilities (for lion) by pressing command + R & erased the harddrive. now i'm stucked with several technical issues.

    1. power
    now it only powers on when I press Control-Command-Option-POWER with external power. no response when i press power, or control-command-power, or command-option-p-r, or command-option-shift-del, or without external power.

    2. boot from snow leopard dvd
    i cannot boot snow leopard dvd (that came with the mac, installation dvd, not bootable snow leopard dvd) from the dvd rom. the dvd is readable by mac. the dvd rom is working. i've tried booting from dvd-rom by holding c, or option, or alt. but it only takes me to mac os x utilities (for lion)

    3. can't reinstall lion via internet
    mac os x utilities (for lion) gives me an option to reinstall lion via internet. it will take approximately 6 hours to reinstall. but i'm living in a remote region where internet is not stable. so i'm unable to reinstall lion even if i want to.

    is there a way to get a bootable snow leopard? any suggestion?

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    mbp 15 2009, mbp 13 2010
    you may have to take a trip to the nearest apple store download lion from there.
    Make sure you make a install disk before installing. Also make a boot able recovery usb disk. I am sure the apple store personnel are helpful with your
    situation. Good luck.

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