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    How to make a client part of a domain?
    Hello everybody,

    I have searched the forums for a result to my question but couldn't find a thread, or I'm a bad searcher.

    I'm networking macs for a primary school part of my work placement for diploma in IT and this is my first time even using the macs.

    I've setup the server which is running X server 10.2 and the domain is "macdomain.local" if that's right?

    The client computers are running 10.2.4. So my question is how do I make the client macs be part of the domain so the students can log on and save their work on the server. Also is it possible to make the client computers access the interent through the server or is it better to setup each client to access the net?

    Hope to hear an answer soon and thanks for any advice and help


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    Sounds like you are trying to make Windows sense out of Macs.

    Try pointing to the macdomain.local using /Applications/Directory Access then configure the NetInfo service to include the macdomain.local for authentication.

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    I've tried playing with the Directory Access but just confused what to do. I went and spoke a guy who specialises in macs and got some good info and sites from him.

    None the less your help was well appreciated and thank you

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