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    Mac OS X opens previous windows after application has been "quit"
    I installed Lion OS X on my computer. Whenever I Quit any application (Excel, Safari, Preview, etc.), all of my previous windows will open back up from what I had up.

    For example - I had 4 windows open in Safari and closed them all by doing the "quit" function. When I went to reopen Safari for a client, with the expectation of it opening 1 window to my homepage, it reopened all 4 windows from my previous session.

    It does this for ALL programs - not just Safari. How can I fix this?

    I work with clients so I want it to "start fresh" as it did with Snow Leopard so I don't have to worry about clients seeing personal information.

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    System Preferences > General
    Remove the check from the small box next to Restore windows when quitting

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    Thank you
    HAHA - wow. I feel like an idiot that was so simple. Thank you!

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