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Thread: A little lost during Lion Upgrade

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    A little lost during Lion Upgrade
    Ok, now that the first patch is out for Lion, I'd like to upgrade to it. I've already done some pre-upgrade stuff. Creating backups, updating software, cleaning out old files, ect...

    My issue comes in here. This is going to be done on my MacBook Pro. I'd like to upgrade to a 500 GB HD. The 250 just doesn't cut it. I'm looking for advice on how to best do this. Should I install the the 500 GB HD, get Lion running on it then use Time Machine to restore the files (if that's even possible, I've never had to restore). Should I upgrade the 250 drive to Lio, create a backup, then put the 500 in and restore the backup to that?

    I'm just a little lost here. Never had to do much restore work on a Mac let alone upgrading at the same time. Looking for the least painful way to make this happen. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    i believe you have to upgrade lion to an existing version of snow leopard. you would need to clone your current harddrive, install it on the 500, then upgrade to lion after that.

    this isn't a hard thing to do. search for cloning harddrive on the forum or on google and it will guide you through the steps. it's a pretty painless thing to do.

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