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Thread: Mail problem

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    Mail problem
    Hello all,

    I am new here and I have only had my MacBook Pro for 2 weeks now and it is my first Mac having switched from windows based laptops.

    Anyway, I have mail all set up with my ISP server (Virgin Media) but I have some issues I would like advice on please.

    1. No matter how many times I delete emails from every last box including those listed as being on the server, when it scans for new mail it manages to retrieve all the deleted emails and puts them in the 'all mail' box. This happens even if I have deleted the emails by logging into my ISP account using my browser. It has even found some emails I deleted in 2009 that have long gone from my ISP account!

    2. I recently moved some ebay emails to the important folder and now it moves them all there even if they are just offer emails.

    3. When emails are in the trash and I select them and click delete, it simply unselects them. Only when I repeat the process does it delete them.

    Any thoughts folks?

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    Welcome to the Mac Forums.

    That's not a problem with the Mail application. It sounds more like some settings have to adjusted or changed with your ISP - Virgin. For example: Selecting removing mail from the server after it's downloaded should work. It has worked for me with every ISP I ever used. I currently use GMail and it works.

    Make sure you read all the instructions on the Virgin site and see if there are any updated ones for OS X Lion.

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    Thanks for the advice chscag. Virgin use GMail for their email system and I have done exactly what you suggested but it is still doing it even after reboot. Any thoughts on this and also any thoughts on point 2? (I have worked out point 3).

    I notice on your profile you are from Fort Worth. Nice place, I went to Texas in 2008. We went to Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth. I live near Nottingham in the UK.

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    No. 2 looks like Mail "learned" behaviour from what you did before. Just like the spam folder: when you mark an email as spam, similar ones will be moved automatically. What kind of folder is that "important" folder? If it's like a smart folder, that would explain things.

    As another option on this: Did you try to flag emails in your inbox? You then have a folder for all these flagged emails where you can view them. Sounds pretty much like what you are trying to do anyway.

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    unable to set up mail
    i am from the uk and having difficulty adding my isp account to mac mail,have checked my user name and passwords which are fine,i get an error message telling me that either user name or password are not correct,i am using mountain lion os,i also have a g mail account which i set up no problems.

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