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    HDMI cable causing Blue Screen of Death

    I have a Macbook and a 32 inch LCD TV. I bought an hdmi adapter and connected the Macbook to the TV. Brilliant picture.

    Ok, then for some unexplained reason after I connected it about another 5 times on separate occasions, with success, it stopped working.

    What happens is. I connect the cable, I see the computer screen on the TV, it lasts for around 3 seconds, then the screen on my macbook goes blue and the desktop image only appears on my TV. I cant move the mouse, I cant force quit, I can only restart the computer.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this happens or how I can resolve the problem?

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    You probably need to give more information about your MacBook. Model, year etc. Also your TV. Did you try another HDMI cable? Is your TV on the right HDMI channel? Is the TV changing it etc. Give more detail for all the things you have tried to do. This was maybe someone can help.

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