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Thread: avast found malware but cannot remove it - help needed

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    Exclamation avast found malware but cannot remove it - help needed
    Hi All,

    After reading articles on threats to OS X decided to install avast for Mac and ran a scan. It found two 2 infections, the report says the same for both items: "Main.class: infection Other: Malware-gen".

    Although there are different options at the bottom of the avast window ("repair", "move", "delete" or "finder") but all are greyed-out except for option "finder".

    I tried to remove the suspicious files manually, but the computer says the files are in use so cannot delete them. Could somebody help what to do next? I quick response would be highly appreciated as I am not sure to use my laptop until I sort this thing out... Thanks!

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    Avast has been known to produce false positives and it also sucks up resources. It's not even a good AV application for Windows, by the way. I doubt you have malware. Why don't you tell us which two files it identified?

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    Don't know how to copy-paste the route, so just spell it out as best as I can: ...library/caches/java/cache/6.0/27/47309c1b-4b684c3f

    Even if I click "finder" for the other file it would not show it. What I can see is ...library/caches/j.../jar/

    Now that the scan is finished avast says: "scan finished with an error, error code 451", two infections still highlighted.

    Any recommendations for a better AV for Mac?

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    Most of us here do not even use antivirus software and despite what you have read, there are no Mac OS X viruses and very few malware threats. If you feel you must have AV, look at ClamXAV2 which is freeware.

    All AV software downloads Windows virus definitions which cannot operate or expand on the Unix system so one wonders what is the point?

    Of course if you run Windows via Bootcamp or emulation, of course run AV on that partition, and Microsoft Security Essentials is a pretty good free application.
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    Yea I would remove that product and not use anything. You can google how to remove if it does not come with an uninstall routine. I don't use anything AV on my system but I do use Norton on the Windows side. (Need it for work.)

    You can also search how to remove it on this forum as well. It's probably listed several times in several places.

    Most people get malware by opening mail they should not open or going to websites they should not go to. If you stay away from those places you will be ok. Malware on Mac is not very prevalent as stated. As well I use GMail which keeps most of the garbage in the spam folder.
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    Have removed avast and installed ClamXav and it works just fine. Thank you both for your input and help!

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    You know, Clam is the second best option, next to no av software at all, mainly because it doesn't do anything unless you tell it to.

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