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Thread: Problem setting default applications.

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    Aug 23, 2011
    Problem setting default applications.
    Im a new mac user, so maybe there is something obious Im missing, but here goes.

    When i right click for example a .avi file, choose open > open with > other and then select the application I want to use as default for this file type, and then check "Always open with" and finally open again.. the next time i double click an .avi file, osx refuses to remember the application I selected. This happens with all filetypes and all applications Ive tried, and having to right click my pngs to open in fireworks, and right click movies to open in VLC etc is becoming increasingly annoying.

    Any help?

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    You might want to download the free "Default App Preference Pane". It's a 32 bit application that still works in Snow Leopard and Lion. It's also free. Greatly simplifies the process of setting a default application. LINK

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    BUT in addition to what chscag said, the way I have always set default apps is to click on an example document (say, I want Word files [.doc] to always open in TextEdit for example), get info and set the new default from there with "apply all."

    So, for the example, I would select a Word document in the Finder, press command-i to Get Info on it, change the "Open With" to "TextEdit" and then click "Apply to All" and click the OK for confirmation.

    This method has reliably worked for me for over a decade.

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    Aug 23, 2011
    Thanks a lot guys! I'll give this a shot

    Edit: seems to be working! Great!

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