I am working on a Macbook pro with version 10.6.8.

Until last week the Macbook was connecting to a networked network (Windows) with no issues. Since one of the servers was rebuilt and moved to a virtual version at the weekend (from server 2003 to server 2008 R2 64bit). Since then the following has occurred with the Macbook:

- Slow to boot up (usually gets the blue screen). Does boot up quicker with network cable unplugged.
- Unable to connect to the rebuilt virtual server (process just hangs during connection attempt)
- System is generally slow to respond with programs often taking a long time to start up.

We have tried:

- Getting rid of all (known) previous shortcuts to the server and restarting
- Pinging the server (which is successful)

Other Windows server on the network connect fine.

As a note my colleague has the same Macbook pro and version. He had similar problems initially but found that deleting the shortcuts and reconnecting has solved the issues but this didnít work for me.

Would much appreciate any advice.