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    Question Help? User Deleted/iphoto Library gone on other account too
    I hope this is the right spot for this question:

    I deleted an old user account off my mac. I clicked to delete the entire account (including home folder) as I was no longer using this account.

    When I logged back into my main user account, I found my iphoto library empty.

    I have looked in my iphoto library folder on current user account and images are not there--just a few. Tons of images are missing.

    Can someone help me recover my original iphoto library?
    I also don't see a 'deleted user' where I might be able to restore this. Any advice, please walk me through in detail!

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    Uh, did you back it up before you deleted it?

    Have you searched elsewhere for the photos?

    Remember, iPhoto catalogs photos, but an iPhoto library doesn't necessarily CONTAIN the photos. There's a setting whereby you can leave the photos where they already are. Did you use that option? it's not the default. If the photos were in another user account it's possible you were sharing them and didn't realize it.

    The easy way out is just to restore from your backup.


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