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Thread: os lion problems

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    Cool os lion problems
    having upgraded to lion last week i have found numerous problems,duplicate applications on launchpad,have installed the i photo upgrade app and found that i have lost a lot of my photos previously on also downloads that i have put on my desktop have also gone,it seems for some reason that the snow leopard applications have stayed on,when click on safari for instance it tells me that i cannot use this version of safari ,this tells me that it is the snow leopard version,also how do i right click on the trackpad,when i double click i get dashboard ,can anyone please help.

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    dave: next time, PLEASE try a little punctuation and normal sentence structure. Your post is very hard to read and understand without it.

    Duplicate applications in Launchpad is usually caused by people "re-organizing" things in the Applications folder and/or storing apps outside of the Applications folder (a big no-no).

    I have no idea what you mean by "the iPhoto upgrade app" so you'll have to clarify that.

    You can adjust your trackpad preferences in "Trackpad" under System preferences.

    You may want to consider rolling back to Snow Leopard using Time Machine (which should also get all your stuff back) and trying the Lion upgrade process over again. It sounds like you had some issues before you upgraded.

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    Good advice from chas_m. I agree.

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    thanks for the advice,in respect of my i photo problems i installed the upgrade from the app store,since then i no longer have the photos that i had previously downloaded.It would seem that i have inherited some problems from my snow leopard,being new to the forum i understand that people will be able to talk me through these problems.

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