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    Unhappy Lion Install on New SSD
    Hi Guys,

    First post so hopeful of some help.

    I wanted to get more out of my September 09 macbook pro so decided to upgrade to 8gb ram and kingston SSD V+100 128GB

    I have had to two Apple certified people now, and still issue that it wont take Snow Leopard. The first issue was that having had SSD installed the people said that the new SSD would not take install disks and that they had to use a clone of my drive. At this stage I couldn't get Lion onto to it, so I took it to another mac guru and he said it was probably faulty drive, so we got a replacement. This time he said that snow leopard went on no problems, so I thought that it was a faulty SSD. Then having got all my info on he tried to install leopard and he said it would't do it from his copy and that it may work with the downloaded one, and that I should do it at home. Having downloaded lion yet again it installed but then left me at the "Contact Apple" installation failed stage.

    Im on my last legs with this. any help would be great. Novice user so please go easy with any advice.

    Thanks in anticipation

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    I'm thinking about something similar, so VERY curious about your experience. But can't understand your post. Seems like this:

    1st SSD: "would not take install disks" means that you just couldn't install OS X onto it? If yes, which version of OS X were you trying to install?

    2nd SSD: installed Snow Leopard OK?
    [And "so I thought that it was a faulty SSD" refers to 1st SSD?]

    2nd SSD: having got all my info on he tried to install leopard...WHY? If it already had Snow Leopard, what was the purpose of this?

    What brand & model SSD are you using?

    Does your macbook run OK with the 8GB RAM if you put the original hard drive back in? (i.e. are you sure you don't have a RAM problem?)

    What if you REFORMAT the SSD completely, and do a Lion install from scratch? (like from Make a Bootable Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Installer from a USB Flash Drive

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