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Thread: Time machine backups from newer versions of OSX

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    Time machine backups from newer versions of OSX
    Hi, my HDD recently failed and today i installed a new one and was about to restore the backup from my time machine backup.

    My time machine backups were made using Snow leopard but i can only find my old leopard install disk. It says it can't restore the backup because it is from a newer version of OSX.

    Is there any way around this? I don't want to have to buy Snow leopard again

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    Open your backup in Finder and manually drag and drop the user data you want to restore.

    This won't work for any applications that required an installer.

    And the work it's going to take if you have iPhoto library, iTunes library, restoring your keychain, mail, browser favorites, etc. - $30 is a cheap price to pay vs the time you're going to spend doing it all manually.

    Or just find your SL disc.
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