Hello all. I am following along this page: Creating Keyboard Layout in Mac OS X, and similar pages to customize my keyboard commands on my Mac. I use three different operating systems for my work, and it helps greatly if I can unify the key bindings.

There are still some things I am missing. I have the following in my DefaultKeyBinding.dict file:

/***** CTRL + LETTERS *****/
"^a" = "selectAll:"; /* C-a Select all */
"^x" = "cut:"; /* C-x Cut */
"^c" = "copy:"; /* C-c Copy */
"^v" = "paste:"; /* C-v Paste */
"^z" = "undo:"; /* C-z Undo */
"^y" = "redo:"; /* C-y Redo */
"^s" = "save:"; /* C-s Save */
"^S" = "saveAs:"; /* C-Shft-s Save as */
"^p" = "print:"; /* C-p Print */

1) However, Ctrl+s is not saving the document as I want it to. I still end having to use Cmd+s. It's fine that Cmd+s works, I just want Ctrl+s to work as well. What is wrong here.

2) I would like to set up Ctrl+tab to cycle through tabs, Ctrl+w to close a tab, and Ctrl+t to open a new tab. Are there action codes to enter these in? Where do I find the action codes? (Please note I have many programs using tabs - so I don't want to just change it in a browser.)