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    Question Couple of questions regarding OSX 10.4 and software installation...
    Hey all,

    I have a G5 tower: Dual core 2.3ghz PowerPC with 8.5 gig of ram running OSX 10.4

    I dont have internet right now, but my friend used his Windows 7 laptop to download the max adobe photoshop trial installer onto his external hard drive, which he then connected to my G5 via usb.

    the DMG mounts and verifies without issue, but the installer errors immediately after we open it and returns "this installer cannot open on this mac"

    so i have a couple questions:

    1. is mac software downloaded to a PC filesystem "corrupted" (lack a better term) so that even though it was a mac program, it has been formatted to windows' filesystem? or should that not be an issue?

    2. can i upgrade my G5 to OSX 10.5? or is it too old? is there a definitive way to find out how far I can upgrade OSX?

    3. i want to use the Classic program to run some really old photo negative scanning software - but when i go to open Classic, i can't start the service because all of the disks are grayed out, and then i get a message that Classic needs Mac 9.1 to run....? any ideas what to do to make Classic work?

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    1. The current versions of Photoshop that can be downloaded as trials from Adobe require an Intel processor. It's not going to install on a G5.

    2. Also requires minimum OS X 10.5.8. It's not going to install to any version of 10.4.

    3. The highest any PPC can upgrade is Leopard - 10.5.x. And you're going to need a "black" retail disc to do it. Those grey discs for sale all over the place will not work.

    Can't help with Classic - I've never even touched a non-Intel Mac.
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