I've searched & searched & cannot locate a solution to this problem.

Here's my trouble: I have videos taken on whatever camera they're taken on. I'm aware of the format the videos need to be for my iPod Touch 3GS & so use Handbrake to convert those videos to a compatible format.

I have them in iPhoto & can happily view them in iPhoto. Using iTunes, I sync ALL of my images & INCLUDE videos with that little sneaky check box just below these options. The videos do not transfer over.

I have some videos that have transferred so I've matched everything I can possibly match, right down to converting the video resolution & frame rate but still no joy so I'm not sure what's happening here.

Lastly, just to test the video formats, I've dragged the video clips out of iPhoto, into iTunes & listed them along with my movies & whatever else is syncing over fine & bam, they sync to the iPod & are perfectly playable as a movie.

I seem to have the video format compatible, but is there something I'm missing when they're in iPhoto? Do they need to be a different format? (I have plenty of storage space left).

Thanks for reading, Russ.